white line woodcut by Kate Hanlon
I'll be presenting a workshop at ConcordArt in Concord, MA from June 20-22, 2017: White Line Woodblock Printmaking and Beyond. Come to beautiful Concord and learn first hand about the art of the traditional white line woodcut, from design to cutting and printing. Stop there, if you're a traditionalist, or take it to another level, if you like, by experimenting with creative block cutting and inking methods, adding textured woodblocks and/or stencils for a collage effect, or adding another block, for a multi-layered approach.



05/24/2017 5:15pm

Art is great fun and it is looking beautiful and awesome. Now many peoples go out for art course. It is famous profession and keep sharing like this good post.

06/13/2017 5:15am

The art is very impressive and whoever make this is very talented person. As an artist, I am very impress about your work. My skills is not very worth to show in many people yet. But when I become a great artist, I will surely want my work to be acknowledge by other artist too. I hope someday I will be like you and be a famous artist.


I thought my experience at the Art Workshop was wonderful! Such a treat to be a part of your workshop. It was my very first time and I am hooked. Your patience and enthusiasm and your willingness to share your talents and home are something that I will always treasure. The creativity and imagination of this white line woodcut will be pushed through the development of art. Absolutely love the experience.


My child has an interest in painting. She draws anything she sees and colors it really well. I think it will be beneficial for a child to have a workshop at a very young age because study says that their brain are like a sponge.They easily absorb information. I think my kid will be interested in going to your workshop.


This piece of art is really amazing. It is very beautiful and elegant. I love the color combination used. It is very relaxing in the eyes. I will be glad posting something like that on the walls of our house. Thank you for sharing this one.


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