white line woodcut Monhegan Kate HanlonMonhegan Flower Gardens, white line woodcut 2016
The Print Club of Cleveland is hosting it's annual Fine Print Fair this coming week at the Cleveland Museum of Art. My work will be represented there by Paramour Fine Arts of Franklin, Michigan. 

This is an opportunity for the public to visit, learn about prints and printmaking techniques, and purchase fine prints from print dealers who hail from all over the US. The museum uses proceeds from the event to add to their esteemed collection. Please stop by, if you're in the area!



Joanne Dumoulin
12/02/2016 2:58pm

Hello Kate
I'm really happy to see some of the work you did I guest this summer on Monaghan Island. Hope you feeling well.

Joanne Dumoulin
12/02/2016 3:00pm

Oups! Monhegan!


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