Portsmouth, New Hampshire is just a short jog north along the coast from where I live. Recently, the NH Art Association hosted their first Wet Paint event there, and I was delighted to participate. The town is picturesque, with antique houses, boats in a harbor; a lively New England small city with many suitable scenes to draw. The south end of town is particularly pretty, even on a grey day. A surprisingly bright yellow lobster boat rested on the far shore of an inlet, opposite the town boat launch, so I set up there. That scene is probably the most-painted view in town, but it was new to me! And, the color yellow has particular resonance for me now; it was my mother's favorite. She died last fall, but whenever I see yellow, I can't help but think of her. Her life was not an easy one, but she maintained an optimistic attitude even through the toughest of times. I do believe that our spirits transcend time, distance and matter, and I feel her presence, and miss her a bit less, when I get a little "yellow hello" from Mum.



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